Hi! I'm Steve,

11 years on and weddings still bring me so much happiness. The raw power of photographs never fail. The emotion they can stir and the sentimental value they mean to couples like you means the world to me. Getting to tell stories, YOUR story is honestly such a privilege.

I photograph weddings in a natural, unposed and documentary style. I'll be like one of your guests, with a camera, blending into your day, interacting with your guests, laughing at the jokes, smiling during the vows, even shedding a tear during the speeches. I leave a wedding having made new friends and having captured real moments for my couples.

Aside from photography I love to be with my family, days with them are where I'm most at home - it really is the simple things which mean the most! My wonderful daughters, Theodora (9) and Mabel (5) are my inspiration. To teach them, show them kindness and have a heck of a lot of fun along the way. And my amazing wife Katie, for being the most amazing mum and wife I could wish for.

I appreciate your time and hope this is just the start of a great relationship.

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