Winding the clock back to 2011...I was pushing doors to get that one break, that one opportunity to photograph a wedding. I got it, finally, as an assistant. In the hour or so before starting I got something to eat, and spilt it, down my grey trousers and it would NOT come out. You'll be pleased to know things have got better since then.


10 years on and weddings still bring me so much happiness. Not because it's about me and I want to 'feel', but because of the raw power of photographs and what that means to the couples I get to journey with.. Getting to tell stories, the connection, the history and importantly the story of what's to come is unique and even, if just for a moment, to serve you and give you YOUR story is my ultimate aim.


Aside from photography I love to be with my family...simple days having fun and enjoying (most of the time) life together. My wonderful girls and the most amazing wife are my inspiration.


I hope we can connect and get to know each other. :)







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